Remote Starters

Remote Starters Installed

Here are some benefits of a remote starter:

Easier and safer driving

When your vehicle has been started with your remote starter, and is nicely warmed up for you, your windows can be defrosted for you, and any snow or ice will come off of the windows so much easier. Sometimes it will simply slide off. This will save you valuable time that would otherwise be spent chiseling ice and trying to scrape away a spot to see through.

Beneficial for your engine

Mechanics will tell you that letting your engine warm up before driving is healthy for the engine. Especially during the winter months when oil can become thick, warming up the engine warms up the oil and lubricates the engine better. Warming up the engine can also improve your gas mileage.

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Extremely useful in both Winter and Summer

Your remote starter will not only improve your driving experience and quality of life in the winter, it works just as well in the summer. When temperatures are at their worst, a remote starter is at its best. Even in the summer, a remote starter can have your car cooled down for you before you jump in.

Let's Get It Started!

Besides the comfort and safety of having a remote starter in your vehicle, there are so many more benefits. If you don't have a remote starter in your car or truck, consider having one installed this season so you can reap all the benefits all year long.
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We are Chicagolands oldest alarm/remote start dealer having installed over 100,000 alarm/remote starting systems. The founder of ABC was a pioneer in the alarm industry over 50 years ago. And now, with today's technology and intricate electronics, we work with the manufacturers to install the correct vehicle interfaces. Alarms and remotes start systems need to be installed by professionals, like the pros at ABC.

ABC Automotive Electronics carries all the top brands of remote starters for your vehicle. Remote starts are rapidly becoming a necessity in the Chicagoland area and ABC Automotive Electronics can install a remote starter for your Chicago driving today. Don't wait until it's too cold, get a remote start at any of our Chicago or Chicago suburb locations.